But what is content writing?

But what is content writing?

When we say ‘content writing’, people generally assume it is about writing an article on a topic. At Content XYZ, we understand content writing is much more than that. While what’s written is indispensable, the success of a ‘content’ depends on a vast number of variables – what you have written, how you have presented it, who is your target audience, what is the market trend, the format that you used, to name a few of them.

Business Writing Services

Customers and clients are the pillars of any successful business, whether you are a B2B or a B2C. The specific purpose of writing business content is to connect with the clients. Once a connection has been built through the content, you can explain your products and services, talk about your competitors, or cascade relevant information; and most importantly, ensure that it has been read.

Creative Writing Services

Creative writing is an art that attracts an audience. It can be entertaining, but it is not heavily informative. It’s original and unique content that is written with the intent to express sentiments and opinions instead of sharing facts. It goes beyond the typical perimeters of content writing as imagination is one of the substantial aspects of creative writing.

Marketing Content Services

As the impact of traditional marketing is fading with time, the future of marketing lies in content marketing. The content needed for such contemporary marketing is written with a clear strategy of attracting new customers and retaining the existing ones. We provide consistent, relevant, valuable content for a defined audience to drive profitable customer actions.

Technical Writing Services

At this point, one might begin to wonder why technical writing has not been mentioned under business writing. Our thought – business writing is a broad category that does include technical writing too; however, the process and the expected outcome of technical writing is entirely different. In a nutshell, technical writing is all about communicating technical information with an audience crisply and clearly. A technical writer explains how a product, service, or process works comprehensively.

What makes us the best

What makes us the best

Jack of all trades, master of none – this is not something that we are fond of! We believe in and chase specialization. To write the best stuff, you must know your stuff. Fittingly so, we have created our team in such a way that a particular pool of writers writes about a specific niche only. And the result? We never deliver generic content to our clients. Every article that we write is a well-researched, specific, trend-oriented piece of work.


We write to be read. Our witty writers ensure that the content grabs reader’s attention, and this stands true even if the work has to involve intricacies and technicalities. We excel at writing headings and copies, which can consume a reader, providing them with an immersive experience. Indeed, our content is crafted to fulfill the purpose of appealing to the right audience, without fail.

  • Unparalleled quality
  • Well-researched
  • 0% plagiarism
  • On-time submission
  • Error-free
  • Experienced writers
  • Fast TAT

Our language expertise?

Our content team’s proficiency in these languages lets us provide a native touch to the content

Who we work with

Since day 1, we have buddied up with brands from varied sectors. Some of them are emerging giants, while others are expanding their customer base. One thing that remains common is our consistent and sustained relationship with them.


from technical blogs and articles to investor and sales decks, our association with Plutomen has been all-encompassing.


we worked on book and comic translation piece with this platform for readers and writers.

Kabhi B

It is our translation team who got to work with Kabhi B.


we loved translating stories for Matrubharti.


We provided a spectrum of technical content to Growfusely.


It’s been quite some time that we have been doing this – delivering excellence and building connections through our services. Explore what our clients say about us!

It is a great experience with Granth, their service is prominent.

I have been knowing Kandarp the main visionary of Granth for 3 years. What a beautiful human being. His persona radiates in his organization as well. Great design works. top-notch work. Quality of designs and any other works done by Granth are absolutely beyond any other company's standard. Try to meet the fellow once. such a good service is rare these days. Thanks for all the help done by Granth for my design works and publishing work

We were looking for partners in Brand Communication, who can understand technology, content & customers. They offer a unique blend which we were looking for.

Interested in surpassing your competitors?

Interested in surpassing your competitors?

We are well-acquainted with the power of content in creating a brand. Thus, here we are to deploy our expertise and help you get recognition. Sit back and relax while we create something that will help drive results – get in touch with us!